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First off, folks, that picture on the left is older than dirt. At the time of this writing (2007), it is over a decade old. As such, I am now the proud owner of far fewer hairs on my head. My how the years fly by!

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in November of 1976 on the East side of town. Over the years my parents dragged me around the West side, where I remained until going to Case Western Reserve for my higher education. I hung around the East side for awhile after graduatng and beginning my full-time job. After a few years, my wife, Jodie, and I moved back to the West side where we now live happily in Lakewood.

I am currently the Facilities and Teaching Labs Manager in the EECS department at Case Western Reserve University. I have a B.A. in Computer Science, and have dabbled in taking graduate classes for a Masters degree in Comp. Sci. Overall, though computers in an of themselves don't define who I am as much as they enable me to explore other areas of life in a more organized, efficient and unique manner. AS I have often been heard saying, sometimes people are infinitely more fascinating than a computer could ever be.

I am co-founder of FTS Conventures, which runs the annual Notacon event here in Cleveland, Ohio. I was also a founding member of the Geek Empire, an educational and technical co-op, although am no longer affiliated with the organization. My list of affiliations is long, with a good number of organizations being associated in some way with Case. I like being a leader and what-not. It's fun and rewarding.

I am also big into community building and events which bring different groups of people together. Some may define me as a "con whore". That said, though, when attending cons, I tend study the people more than the material being presented. It varies upon my mood and current curiousities involving my fellow human beings. Overall, though, I enjoy travelling and the sense of freedom most cons offer.

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