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Fun Stuff

My photo galleries. : Pictures I and others have taken of life, where I live, etc.


Questionable Content : My favorite webcomic.
My Pirate name generator in honor of Talk like a Pirate day (September 19th)
Archive of bash.org quotes that I find funny
The Domo-Kun Revolution Domo-Kun rules. Domo-Kun will rule YOU next.
My Geek Code
Buy me fun stuff! Check out my Amazon Wishlist!
I spoke at Rubi-Con 2002 in Detroit in April 2002! Topic: "Computing considerations in an educational environment"
Cleveland area Scanner/Ham frequency list (for KC8MXI *grin*)
Frequency DataBase (Does not work yet, so don't bother).
Some of the DefCon logos that I've submitted for consideration.
Geocaching! Grab your GPS and try to find some of my geocaches!
Some fun with Photoshop. Which looks more like the real me?
CWRU Hacker's Purity Test created by me.
Glossry of computing terms for CWRUlug
1337ist A store I'm in the process of creating.
Cock Goblin A shrine to the idiots of the world.

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