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Pictures of the Spring 2000 ACM Picnic
The scene of the BBQ before all hell breaks loose. Beth, Freshman and others prepare for the big event. Procload, beth, freshman and others preparing.
The grill is cookin' and full of goodies. Freshman at the helm, Merlin, Hattrick, Rabbi, etc. Karassa taking photos, lambert and dymaxion chilling. Half of Tod's face.
Merlin looking at Karassa A view of the mess we were making. Me, Froggy, with my cute little glove cooking on the grill.
Me taking a picture of Devzero taking a picture of me... All of the food and whatnot before we served it. Merlin grilling like a madman.
More randoms More randoms Randoms eating our food. Hattrick keepin' it real.
Suzy and Tod Random people More randoms and tod's ass.
People I don't know eating and Freshman, keepin' it real. Another picture of Devzero taking a picture of me taking a picture of him... Mmm... oatmeal creme pies!
Lighting up the grill. Another shot of the grill. Karassa and Devzero look as if the grill is going to bite them.
L to R: Rabbi, Karassa, ??, ??, ??, Freshman's butt, Lambert. Freshman and Lambert getting the pop (it's not soda, dammit!) cold. Planning and mirth before the onslaught.


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