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Random Crap taken at work, at CWRUlug and elsewhere

A shot of the Olin stairwell. Mmm... dropping things Dave Carlin skippin' out on his duties at work. Matt Himrod, AKA, "Zeke", doing work for me on the network patch panel
A shot of the "new" Olin 404.5 lab in progress Debbie takes a break from working on the lab
Oops. A double. The Olin 4th floor hallway The Jennings Plaque
The Server Closet Rack O' NT stuff, from top to bottom, left to right: irc.cwru.edu, acm.cwru.edu, gongshow, (SECRET),Astralasia, DC, mems.cwru.edu A view of our networking spaghetti
One of our 3 new huge AC units The EECS Sign A fuzzy picture of Debbie
The best thing about being an NT administrator Matt takes care of some stuff in the Honeymoon Suite The first few folks at the first CWRUlug/SigUnix meeting of the Fall 2001 semester
What kind of prank is this??? Who could have done this? Oh my...
More folks at the CWRUlug/SigUnix meeting The rest of the folks. Wall o' Microsoft books
Front door of Olin A view of the Quad from Olin Tyger signs up for the BatlleBots club
Debbie puts on her rollerblads Ugly wooden sculpture thingy in the Olin lobby A vie of the crap in my room
A few of my Badtz-Marus Badtz-Maru as a dinosaur The Bar



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