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Def Con 8: Day 4
The Alexis Park Gazebo A picture of one of the three pools. Me, Froggy, next to Bad Kitty. Woo hoo!
One of the many shirts sold at Def Con. Another shirt from Halibut Stuff. One of the t-shirt stands.
Random people on the network in one of the main rooms. One of the hot tubs, full of soap bubbles from some "accidentally" dumped detergent. The Statue of Liberty as seen at the New York New York hotel and casino.
Part of the New York New York hotel and casino facade. The MGM Grand golden lion. A view of the Luxor pyramid at sunset
Another view of the Luxor Sphinx The bottom part of the luxor Obelisk
The top part of the Luxor Obelisk A good overview of the Luxor pyramid Inside the Luxor.
The Luxor light beam at night. New York New York at night, with the Excalibur castle bridge in front. One of the many Buffets in town. This one is the Boardwalk. All you can eat for $7.95
A picture of a half-eaten muffin A picture of this girl who had her hand near her groin for almost our entire meal. Brandon's shoulder on the right. Sleepd, taking a load off after a big meal.
Procload, Merlin and Hattrick chilling after the big meal New York New York taken from in front of the Monte Carlo hotel. The commercialization of Las Vegas. Coca-Colas 60 foot tall "bottle" and general a tribute to the wonders of American consumerism.
Next door toe Coca-Cola are those M&M rascals. Audrie Lane. A night shot of the Excalibur bridge. Note the guard statues.
The New York New York sign. Pretty, isn't it? One of the signs on the New York New York hotel. Pretty neon! Those rascally M&Ms.
More M&Ms in effigy (just kidding) Beanie Babies are everywhere, even in Vegas. An oversize Harley coming out of a restaurant?!? Only in Vegas...
Chia Harley. A picture of a the hot, dry ground at night. What is that? Could that be a guitar???
Could it be the Hard Rock Cafe??? The Hard Rock Cafe.

Most of the pictures were taken by Tyger


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