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H2K : HOPE 2K (Hackers On Planet Earth)
We had a lot of luggage. Behold it in its dark beauty. Procload, chillin' before Dave comes to pick us up. Froggy spreading Geek Empire propaganda at H2K. Note the laptop. Note the radio scanner. Note the fatigues. Note our superb advertising materials. He means business.
A view of the network room. Another view of the network room. Here, Tyger skillfully captures the hacker in their native element. Note the empty Coca-Cola bottles. Note the McDonald's cup. Note the laptops. Note the weird shades on the dude in the background.
A genuine ADM-3A terminal takes center stage. A genuine TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer. Yes, it still woks! An attempt to capture the excitement of the dance floor. They were pumping out decent techno for part of the night.
Merlin gets fresh with my woman as she proves to the world that, yes, she does indeed have a chest. Brandon, of course, wears his "I did it at the H2K orgy" shirt. Pervert. A shot of the top of the Empire State building. Empire State building spire
A beautiful shot of the Chrysler building midday A shot of the Manhattan skyline from the 18th floor of Hotel Pennsylvania. Another odd, but awe-inspiring building.
Another shot of New York. Parking on the roof? In New York, anything is possible (at least, that's what they tell me.) random buildings.
I hope this guy got his watch back... Even hackers like Pokemon. Sign indicating the location of a most bitchin' terminal cluster. too bad none of the boxes I sshed into had any decent vt320 emulation...
I suppose they were having troubles, eh? Kind of cool to know that you could run 30+ terminals from a lowly Pentium 75. A view of the cluster Will, one of the cool people I met at H2K. He got a kick out of www.cockgoblin.com.
Procload, Tyger and Merlin trying to pose a "daring" shot. Procload faking ecstacy, Tyger going along for the ride and Merlin mugging for the camera. The group after taking the posed shot. (I have to *sleep* in that bed)
A view of our not-so-big room. $139 for that?? Note the massive quantity of gear and other crap. Note the television show (Win Ben Stein's Money) Tyger, relaxing. Note the gangsta' looking backwards hat. Note the sticker on her chest (She's 0wn3d by the cDc. Stop looking at my fiance like that, Merlin!
An example of a cock goblin. There were lots of young "hackers" like this at H2K. A picture of froggy in full effect. He looks ready to bust some script kiddiez! Note the "trendy' t-shirt. Note the overly baggy jeans. Note the dope radio he's sporting as well as the earpiece and lapel mike.
One of the H2K Orgy organizers trying to peddle his t-shirts after a, well, disappointing turn-out. Yes, I bought one, as did Tyger. A shot of the H2K orgy t-shirt. A sign created by a robotic graffiti artist. The MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America, who is trying hard to prevent people from viewing the DVDs they bought for $25.
A contemplative H2K orgy member. Note the TRS-80 in the background! A shot of Froggy looking pissed off. Note the stylish "H2K" hat Note the heavy backpack straps. Note the "I'm gonna get you, suckah" look on his face. I really need to lose weight, y'know that? *grin*
An extremely cute looking Tyger posing for one last picture. OK, maybe that was the SECOND last picture. She's still cute, though. The Geek Empire is everywhere, and isn't even ashamed of advertising on the H2K orgy table. Hey, we have to get the word out, no?

Most of the pictures were taken by Tyger


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