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Halloween party and the Rocky Horror Picture Show at CWRU (10-29-2000)
Tod, getting his hair gluded so that it will stay up. Mo Katz as everyone's favorite little scientist, Dexter! Tod's nipple.
The Monk, arriving at the house and ready to start something. "Dexter" welcomes Monk Devzero as Robert Smith of the Cure.
Stef, as a little BSD daemon Shot of a small group at the party. Ian as a bug.
Tod's ass. Stef, Monk and Toby Chuck wielding his light saber.
Chuck after saying, "Wait! I need to get my hood on!" The lucious laura as a cat and Jose as her mouse plaything. Tyger as Leeloo! Yeah! (She's in blacklight)
A Leeloo butt shot. Mmm.. yummy. :) Me as DJ Lo-Phat. Chillin' Flava Flav style with malt liquor in hand. DJ Lo-Phat representin'
Me, sportin' a gatt and longing for a long lingering sip of King Cobra (tm). Some people in the kitchen. Ian is eating my frosted flakes without asking!
Laura and an unknown person. Audrey as a cute Little Red Riding Hood and Brandon as the mean old wolf. John and Melinda decided to switch roles. Scary.
Monk and Stef sharing their love for each other. Which is which??? 'Melinda' giving 'John'... er... ask your parents.
Kat, Stef and Suzy Uh oh, what are you up to Audrey?? Never mind. Didn't wanna know.
Ken as a goth. Em as a naughty CWRU nursing student. The crows before the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Rocky and Columbia before the show. Some virgins coming to the theater. Losing one's 'virginity' at the RHPS.
Someone playing, "Who's ass is it anyway?" The healthy crowd we had on hand. Yup, still healthy.
One of the devirginization exercises. Our Magenta (Ericka) leading the devirginization exercises. Tod, participating in these exercises.
A crappy shot of Tod underneath virgins.



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