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ic0n 1: 2001 (4/23/2001)

The DJ area The NOC One half of the con area.
Tiggermat sets up his stuff. Mmm... comfy chair! DJ Rathumos spins on three decks at once!
More of DJ Rathumos DJ Rathumos and yours truly, Froggy, tag team it a little. More tag team action.
Now we are *really* gettin' busy. Danny and Duncan work together on a mix while I try to work on getting another record queued. Cygnus X: Oragne Theme. Mmmm...
Hard at work... look at the sweat on his brow! DJs love to help each other out.
Behold a beautiful mixer. ... built in sampler and effects... Tiggermat gives his talk.
A better shot of him speaking Lawyer Charles Crehore talks about intellectual property. Randal Schwartz discusses his ongoing courtcase with the crowd.



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