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Monk's 21st Birthday Party @ Tod's
monk2101.jpg monk2102.jpg monk2103.jpg
The party's just getting started. L to R: Karassa, Stef, Monk, DJ Rathamos, Procload, Tod. Procload and Tod. Trust me. Stef, Monk, Melinda, Rathamos, Tod and Tyger's head
monk2104.jpg monk2105.jpg monk2106.jpg
DJ Rathamos spinning trance and techno to a most appreciative crowd! Monk, opening his gifts. Clockwise from upper left: Procload, Jesus, Monk, Erica and Hattrick. Monk checks out his new in the box Voltron.
monk2107.jpg monk2108.jpg monk2109.jpg
The party goods, liquor and keg of woodchuck. Hattrick, Laura, Erica and Tyger playing some cards. Chillin' in the kitchen. L to R: Mo Katz, Tod, Michael Perlman, and Cindy.
monk2110.jpg monk2111.jpg monk2112.jpg
Party game of the Night: Settlers of Catan. The cute couple! Stef and Monk. Rathamos chills out with a beverage after one of his record needles collapsed.
monk2113.jpg monk2114.jpg monk2115.jpg
Suzy with that, "What tha *hell* ah *you* lookin' at?" attitude. Cindy, looking oh-so chic. Nice navel! No cheap grabs, Duncan! Mo and Tyger chillin' on the porch.
monk2116.jpg monk2117.jpg monk2118.jpg
Um.. OK. L to R: Stef, Monk, Toby, Jesus, Audrey (on top), Erica (on bottom). More kinky action. Thor gets into the action. Will it ever stop?!?


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