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Pictures of our parties here
We'll give you a dollar if you dare to take a sip from this malt liquor masterpiece. Chris Connelly had fun with the marker and shows his love for J. Stile of the Stile Project. Random blacklight picture (frisbee in the background). Almost looks like the dawning of a new day!
Random blacklight picture Laura, trying to lick her own crotch Laura, after trying to lick her own crotch. good effort!
The phantom yellow glove (someone with marker all over their hand) Someone was DARED to drink this. Nastier than a cement mixer. Trust me. "Lambert Sux". As if we didn't already know that.
Some folks chilling out on the porch before the cops came. Another shot of the people Braden and Aaron
A shot of Procload's forehead. Truth or dare dictated that he write his root password on it. A better shot of Procload's forehead. Tyger decided to write her initials on her leg. No, she's not a jew hating pagan. Sheesh


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