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Trip to Traverse City with Matt and Stefanie (9/7/2001 to 9/9/2001)

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Before leaving Cleveland, my tire goes flat. Matt volunteers to change it out. Matt getting the old tire off. The old tire, of course, has a big honkin' screw in it. My tire has now been screwed.
I watch Matt as he puts the new tire on. I get my hands greasy, give the camera good ol' "Konichi-Wa!", and look like a fool. Good, Matt's almost done. 2 miles down on this trip, another 1000 to go... WITH NO SPARE.
A Gratuitous shot of Matt's ass (Jodie took this one) An even better shot Yes, Matt has dirty hands, too.
Matt wipes down his hands. Gloomy driving weather and construction galore. The highway at night
A blurry roadsign and a picture I should have deleted. Matt smiling in the back seat. ... With Stefanie next to him smiling, too.
Domo-Kun is, of course, representing on this trip. Domo-Kun looks at Jodie's laptop Jodie is recompiling her kernel on the road.
A better photo of that... The two Domo-Kun relax. A shot of the road at night and a reflection of my dash.
Don't ask. You'll find out someday why I kept this. Domo-Kun looks suspiciously creepy.
Domo-Kun flails his arms. Our hotel, finally, after 8 hours on the road... and my dash... again. Stef cuddles Domo-Kun as she prepares for sleep.
Domo-Kun needs no sleep. He is a monster. RAAAR! More shots of Matt's buttocks. Domo-Kun chills with his Lethargic Records hat. Representin'.
Jodie literally throws herself on the bed. Matt decides it's a good idea, too... As does Domo-Kun
... Until he misjudges and falls headfirst into the mattress. Matt is sleepy Our first day of sighseeing. Jodie takes the photo (you can see her in the lower left) Tyger says it's Amon Orchards.
A gauche and tacky swan at the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce. The kiddies pose with the swan. As do I. I loved that swan.
The swan by itself. Domo-Kun insists on posing with the swan as well. Gas was pretty expensive in Michigan...
A guy with a mullet going in to pay for his gas. One of the quaint towns we passed through, Charlevoix. Speed trap.
Woo hoo! Our destination, the Mackinac bridge!
n a series of signs explaining everything (Jodie did these)
Matt plays on the swing Weeeeeeee! Mackinac bridge.
More signs Matt helps stef up onto a concrete tortoise. Matt and Stefanie on the tortoise, taking pictures.
Aren't they cute? I decide it's a good idea to go down the children's slide. Stefanie thinks we're all crazy...
One of the many ferries to Mackinac Island in the distance. Matt tries to prove he's a man by crossing the jungle gym. Stefanie, of course, wishes he would not. Water towers make good places for cell phone antennas.
Green grass. Mackinac island is somewhere out there. A view of the ferry docks from across the bridge on the UP
Birds! I decide to try to chase down a goose without stepping in poop. The goose, intelligently, runs away. Yes, we really were in Saint Ignace.
More proof that we were actually there. Mmmm... tourist traps! You can visit De Tour, Michigan. No, raelly.
A scenic overlook A scenic overlook
A scenic overlook The Mackinac bridge from the scenic overlook
A tacky blue moose outside of the Ho Jos.
Pasties. They're Suzy's. No, seriously, this is *the* unique gift shop. None other. The largest faux deer I've ever seen at the Deer Park in Saint Ignace
I decide after the Deer Park that we should examine the 'secrets' of the Mystery Spot (at a cost of $6 per person.) Domo-Kun sneaks in for free, of course. Oh yeah, Matt and Stefanie's butt, too. Jodie grapples with the secrets of the mystery spot.
As does Stefanie... Kinda creepy. I decide to get my money's worth and play along.
Matt humors everyone. As does Jodie. A tourist trap if we ever saw one. Note the guy wires holding up the "lighthouse" observation platform (mind you, we are many miles inland...)
Yeah I-75 Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox. A tourist trap if I ever saw one. Poor things look like they're in prsion. Yes, that is real barbed wire. I'm not sure if it's to keep them from escaping or what. A better photo taken using my s00p3r s3kr3t skillz
Tyger looks about ready to smack me for something On the Mackinac bridge. Pretty! The Levering cafe serves Breakfast, Pasties and has a big ol' cock on it's awning.
Domo-kun sport's Matt's shades. Rain and Lake Michigan.
Near Petoskey
Boy is it getting late... The obligatory Meijer's run.
Tyger chows down on Fluffy Stuff (tm) Mmmm... Fluffy Stuff (tm) Everyone gets ready for a dip in the pool
Stefanie wonders if Domo-Kun would like to join us in the pool? The committee decides that Domo-Kun must stay. Matt eats Fluffy Stuff (tm)
The makeshift email and web terminal going through my blazing fast 9600 bps cell modem. Tyger holds Domo-Kun Oops. I scrwed up the numbering. There is no picture 123.
Matt aggravates Domo-Kun with infrared light from his palm. Domo-Kun suckles... Jeff decides to join the madness that is our little roadtrip
Inside Jeff's house Kermit!! Domo-Kun is sleepy after a busy weekend of fun
And this is how Domo-Kun became so tired ... ... speaks for itself ... Nothing more disgusting than a passed out and piss drunk Domo-Kun
*sigh* Poor DomoKun! Golden Chopsticks GT's, the Clock and other Traverse City landmarks.
Where Tyger's Dad works. The Grand Traverse Mall. Domo-Kun at the Grand Traverse Mall.
Tyger plays a video game. Domo-Kun tries his hand at hoops. Domo-Kun does some shopping.
Matt tryin' to get all spiffy and sexy looking. Domo-Kun tries on shoes. Domo-Kun examines the signs... far too carefully...
Domo-Kun hides from the fuzz behind an SUV. Before leaving he decides to deposit his sweepstakes form to win it.
Domo-Kun rests on a cart. Tyger, Zeuropa and Zeke. The TC Target
Signs at Target The "Aw-Ta Wash".
TC welcomes "Mackers". I should fit in quite well, then. The way home was full of traffic. Some intersting... er... heck, I didn't take this picture, why should I care?
The weather is looking bad... and it really *was* bad Tourist trap fireworks stores. Uncle Sam, selling the American Dream of blowing shit up.



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