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A trip to the zoo (8-26-2000)
The motley crew gathers at the Zoo entrance. An MPEG of an Elephant with imitating Stevie Wonder. A pygmy hippopotamus relaxing in the water.
Perlman, getting close with the birds. Everyone loves Shaft! Especially deep Shafts.
A kangaroo Not a kangaroo. A Tyger. My girlfriend. My fiance. She was not part of the Zoo exhibits... But then again... we throw Laura into the mix... and...
... all of a sudden they're playing horsy! How 'bout that. Tyger's a regular Cowgirl. Andrew, getting comfy in the saddle...
Uh... Andrew... don't get TOO comfy in the saddle. Another kangaroo (or was it a wallaby? Maybe a wallaroo? I have no clue.) A slow moving cute, but huge, turtle... er, tortoise.
A zoomed in shot of Mr. Tortoise' head. A magnificent (352K) MPEG video of Mr. Tortoise moving along. MULLTETS! I was lucky to see perhaps the most rare of rare species at the zoo in the form of zoo workers... femmullet! Two of them, no doubt! How about that.
GEEEEEESE! Honk. An ostrich. A zebra.
A pair of zebras. Flamingos A cute looking flamingo standing on one leg (yes, they really do that)
A super duper zoomed in shot of a flamingo's head. My digital camera rocks. So *Phhhhht*.


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