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Music and Performance

What can I say about the many ways in which music has shaped my life?

I try to get involved in music when possible

In the past I have been involved in a number of choirs. The first of which was the North Royalton High School Show choir, an elite group of vocal performers whom I had the pleasure of working with all four years of my life at North Royalton High School. Besides receiving numerous awards and accolades with the group, I received through the group important insights into the area of vocal performance as well. In high school, I sang as a baritone with the Saint Alber the Great church choir. In that group, I enjoyed the uplifting and progressive style of musical worhsip singing provided. I did a brief stint as a choir member of the CWRU Hallinan center service choir, but dropped out after my first year for a number of reasons. Finally, I spent three semesters performing in the University Circle Chorale, a group of highly talented individuals from the University Circle area, students and adults alike. I found the material extremely challenging, but rewarding as well. I hope to have time in the future to hopefully perform with them again.

When living in North Royalton, I had the privelage to be a cantor for few years at my church. I have also sung at weddings and funerals.

In the past I have performed in numerous stage plays, both musical and straight. I will shortly have a listing of performances I have been in.

Dabbling in composition is also a hobby of mine. I have written (or partially written) a number of musical works from many genres, most in the electronic realm.

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